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Spartan Athletic Co. offers hundreds of football products from equipment such as blocking sleds, dummies and pads, tees and sideline markers markers.  We also offer track and sideline protectors, footballs from Wilson, Spalding and more.  

  • Wilson TD Composite Football - Youth, 12-14

    Patented ACL Laces, exclusive Wilson patterns and a durable composite leather cover combine to offer a more affordale alternative to the TD series of leather game footballs. Wilson is the industry innovator in composite footballs. Premium composite...

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  • Bench Zone Sideline Turf Protector Bench Zone Sideline Turf Protector2

    Bench Zone Sideline Turf Protector

    The sideline turf protector is made of tough Vipol Matrix and has reinforced edging with grommets installed every 18" all around.  The material is tough enough that it doesn't allow cleats to penetrate it therefore protecting the natural turf...

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  • Football field Bench Zone Track Protector Bench Zone Track Protector2

    Bench Zone Track Protectors

    Designed for tracks that fit tightly around football fields Protects costly track surfaces in bench areas Made of tough polypropylene geotextile with double stitched vinyl edging Steel chain inserted into the vinyl edging This ballasting keeps the...

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  • Cross Over Track Protector

    Cross-Over Zone Track Protectors

    The cross over zone track protectors provide protection against damage from cleats, shoes and wheeled grounds equipment.  The cross over protectors should be placed at the entry point to the running track not only to provide protection  but to...

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  • Huddle zone special teams mat

    Huddle Zone Special Teams Mat

    Eliminate costly penalties and save timeouts! Gives special teams an exact location to organize and call plays before entering the game Constructed of cleat-proof industrial matrix material fabric with a 3' square for each special team player plus the...

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  • Football Day/Night Sideline Markers

    Day/Night Sideline Markers

    The Day/Night Sideline Markers has a soft, crushable foam core inside a durable vinyl cover Improved for better visability for day or night games Folding design for flat storage Hook and loop fastners with weighted bottom to maintain upright position...

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  • Football Solid Sideline Markers with Handle

    Solid Sideline Markers with Handle

    Vinyl covered foam with weighted bottom 15"H x 15"W with 10"H numbers 11-piece set includes:  2-G, 2-10, 2-20, 2-30, 2-40, 1-50.  Total weight 60 lbs. 5-piece set includes:  2-G, 2-20, 1-40.  Total weight 27 lbs.

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  • Stackable Football Sideline Markers

    Stackable Football Sideline Markers

    13"H, 3-sided pyramid shaped markers Made of tough, flexible vinyl Stackable for easy storage 11-piece set includes:  2-G, 2-10, 2-20, 2-30, 2-40, 1-50.  Total weight 23 lbs. 5-piece set includes:  2-G, 2-20, 1-40 (flag football)...

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  • football Anchored pylons

    Anchored Pylons

    Safe vinyl covered foam with a "spring back" coil anchor system Bright, fluorescent orange color 18"H x 4"W x 4"D Includes four ground anchors Price is based on per set of 4

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  • Football Dial-a-down pro style indicators Dial-a-down indicator and solid chain set for football

    Down Indicators and Chain Sets

    Fully padded poles, indicator boxes, banners and bulls-eyes Down indicator is available in in 7'4"H padded flip style or 7'4"H mechanical style with slide levers for changing the down numbers 8'H chain sets with "bulls-eye" design feature a two-piece...

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