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Standards / Systems

  • Aluminum 3" volleyball system

    Alum/Steel 3in System w/o Judges Stand

    Buy this Alum/Steel 3in System w/o Judges Stand and we strive to provide new innovative products to meet the need of the rapidly changing world we live in Our goal is to provide products made with the finest material and consistent and high...

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  • Heavy-Duty Safety Foam Standard Pad

    Heavy-Duty Safety Foam Standard Pad

    Most of the time volleyball isn't a dangerous sport, but accidents happen. The Heavy-Duty Safety Foam Standard Pad helps prevent injuries from players running or fall into poles. Pad fits poles that are 3" outside diameter or smaller. 6'H with 2"...

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  • Heavy Weighted Center Volleyball Standrd

    Heavy Weighted Center Volleyball Standard

      Standard Heavy Weighted Volleyball Center by Alumagoal®. This top-grade Heavy Weighted Center Volleyball Standard is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level...

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  • Power Play Center Standard

    Power Play Center Standard

    Get your gymnasium tournament-ready with this Alumagoal Power Play Center Standard. Made to work with the Power Play Game Standard and a compatible net (both sold separately), this standard adjusts to accommodate men's or women's volleyball, badminton or...

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  • Power Volleyball Standard

    Power Volleyball Standard

    Set up side-by-side courts for games and practices using the Alumagoal Power Volleyball Standard, which is great for clubs, recreational groups and gym classes. Players can confidently work on sending powerful spikes over the net, as the wide, steel base...

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  • Alumagoal Heavyweight Volleyball Standards

    Alumagoal Heavyweight Volleyball Standards

    Set up a volleyball, badminton or tennis court with these Alumagoal Heavyweight Volleyball Standards and get a game started right away. Whether players are ready for a volley or rally, you'll be able to quickly adjust the netting on the galvanized tubing...

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  • Heavy Duty Rollaway Game Standard - 30in Heavy Duty Rollaway Game Standard - 30in

    Heavy Duty Rollaway Game Standard - 30in

    Set up your gym or rec center for a friendly game of volleyball with the Blazer Heavy Duty Rollaway Game Standard - 30in. When players are serving, setting and spiking the ball, the standards stay firmly in place thanks to the heavy-duty weighted bases,...

    $1,767.99 $1,766.22
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