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Coaches and Refs Accessories

  • Robic SC591 Referee/Officials Watch

    Robic SC591 Referee/Officials Watch

    Dual Independent Game Timers on one display One Counts down from full minutes, while the other counts up in 1/100 seconds Use the Countdown for the game time The Countup timer can be used for add on time Water resistant to 30 meters 50 memory recall...

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  • Warning Cards and Wallet

    Warning Cards and Wallet

    Referees can quickly show players, coaches and fans when they're giving a player a warning or penalty with these Red and Yellow Penalty Cards. Ideal for soccer, field hockey, volleyball and a host of other team sports, the penalty cards make it easy to...

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  • Soccer Scorebook

    Soccer Scorebook

    Track your team's progress throughout the season and stay up to date on your wins and losses using the BSN SPORTS�� Score Right Soccer Scorebook, which provides ample space to jot down information for up to 28 games. With simple, easy-to-use scoring...

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