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Track & Field

  • Football field Bench Zone Track Protector Bench Zone Track Protector2

    Bench Zone Track Protectors

    Designed for tracks that fit tightly around football fields Protects costly track surfaces in bench areas Made of tough polypropylene geotextile with double stitched vinyl edging Steel chain inserted into the vinyl edging This ballasting keeps the...

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  • Cross Over Track Protector

    Cross-Over Zone Track Protectors

    The cross over zone track protectors provide protection against damage from cleats, shoes and wheeled grounds equipment.  The cross over protectors should be placed at the entry point to the running track not only to provide protection  but to...

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  • Landing Zone Pit Covers

    Keeps sand in and kids out! Sand stays where it belongs, in the pit, protected from wind, animals and children Steel chain in edge hem holds cover down even in high winds Vipol matrix mesh to let rain thru OR solid vinyl Vipol matrix mesh allows sun,...

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  • Track Premier Starting Block

    Premier Starting Block

      Features cast aluminum, 4-angle wide adjustable pedals Durable polished aluminum chrome rail Carry handle in center of rail Block measures:  12.5"W x 33"L   Comes with spikes for all surface types  

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  • Track Competition Starting Block

    Competition Starting Block

    Great for all types of tracks, the Competition is manufactured from all steel components and features a spring loaded plunger for easy pedal adjustment and secure locking.  Complete with spikes for all types of surfaces. All steel components Spring...

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  • Track Ultimate Starting Block

    Ultimate Starting Block

    Our newest starting block featured from PORTaPIT. All aluminum one-piece construction 75 mm cast aluminum channel. Concealed pedal placement with synthetic/ PVC mounted extruded anodized aluminum pedal with additional support for excellent stability...

    $199.99 $147.35
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  • Track Elite Starting Block

    Elite Starting Block

      Cast aluminum, 4-angle wide adjustable pedals Durable aluminum rail   Block measures:  12"W x 35"L   Complete with spikes for all surface types  

    $164.99 $121.53
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  • Track Aluminum Relay Batons

    Aluminum Relay Batons

    Official size, lightweight anodized aluminum baton features smooth rolled-in edges for safety, non-slip ground finish. Plastic baton is made with nondestructive polyethylene in optic yellow only.

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  • Track Spike Kit

    Track Spike Kit

      Spike Kit in a molded container with a 3-way key wrench Includes 1,500 spikes:  (200) 1/8" pyramid, (400) 1/4" pyramid, (100) 3/8" pyramid, (100) 1/2" pyramid, (400) 1/4" needle, (200) 3/16" needle, (100) 3/8" needle  

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