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Field Covers

Protect your bases, infield or the entire baseball field with baseball field tarp, baseball mound, base and field covers. Available in many sizes, weights and colors, the covers provide many great benefits such as less labor preparing the fields after storms, games not being delayed while the field needs to be worked on, save money on clay or drying agents while attempting to quickly dry puddles and/or muddy conditions and providing safer playing conditions for the players.

We offer mound and base covers for teams/leagues with different sized budgets. The baseball tarp is available in 6 oz, 8 oz, and 18 oz. It can be purchased as non-weighted in which stacks hold down the covers or weighed, in which a chain is sewn around the perimeter on the cover that will keep the cover down in winds up to 70 mph.

Also available are infield protectors, made of mesh to allow the sun and air to pass through to the grass, that are spike resistant and are strong enough to withstand the intensive abuse caused by batting practice.